Mila Kunis’s Awkward BBC Interviewer Returns To Awkardly Interview Jennifer Aniston

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08.16.13 2 Comments

Last we checked in with Chris Stark from BBC Radio 1’s “The Scott Mills Show” he was awkwardly blabbering to Mila Kunis in what turned into a delightful interview because Mila Kunis is the best and will dick around talking Baywatch and Jager bombs with anyone. My personal feelings on Stark’s routine is that it’s just an amplified version of his actual self that he doesn’t press unbearably hard so it makes for about the only compelling press junket interview. I mean, I don’t know any other junket flunkies informing celebrities of anagrams for their names.

With all that in mind he recently got some time with Jennifer Aniston so he of course got her to talk about eating meat at strip clubs and tell him he looks like Ryan Gosling. She’s more “mom nice” about the whole thing than anything else but I do appreciate that she doesn’t hesitate at working in a Friends reference.

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