Because You Probably Ate A Lot Of Meat Over The 4th Weekend, Here’s What A Heart Transplant Looks Like


If you’re like most Americans, you’ve consumed a lot of meat over the past few days, because that’s what red-blooded Americans do over the 4th of July weekend — we eat a f*ckton of meat. Personally, a friend and I went out to Hometown BBQ in Red Hook, Brooklyn and I seriously think I may have eaten more meat than I’ve ever eaten in one sitting while there. It was goddamn glorious. (The beef short ribs at Hometown are definitely worth dying for. Just look at this photo the friend I went with took of them on her plate.)

That said, the night was a rough one, filled with stomach pains and meat sweats and just a lot of misery. At one point, I was convinced my BBQ indulgences might have induced death-by-meat, but of course I was overreacting. However, a heart transplant may be in my future — and in many of your futures as well — so here’s a glimpse into what we’ll be in for when that day inevitably comes. WARNING: this is not for the faint of heart (pun intended).

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