Ben Affleck Has Been Banned For Life From A Vegas Casino For Being A Little Too Good At Blackjack

05.03.14 4 years ago 22 Comments

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I guess there’s no hiding the fact that Ben Affleck loves to gamble now — Affleck was apparently caught counting cards at the Hard Rock casino in Las Vegas. They weren’t too happy with him and now it seems he’s been banned for life. From Variety:

Ben Affleck has been banned for life from playing blackjack at the Hard Rock Vegas for counting cards, sources confirm.

Affleck, who played in the World Series of Poker alongside buddy Matt Damon, allegedly was playing blackjack at the casino’s high rollers table earlier this week when the Hard Rock security team caught the actor on camera counting cards.

I’m a terrible gambler, so the idea of counting cards is pretty great. Though the security team had to be a little intimidated by the fact that they had to go up against Batman and kick him out of the casino. Still, I’m sure they warmed up to the idea once they took a mallet to him in the back.

The actor, according to unnamed source, was told, “You’re too good at this game” by hotel security and deemed an advantage player.

One unnamed source said the hotel was friendly to Affleck and his wife Jennifer Garner and invited them back to the casino to play other games. (via)

And then Affleck was heard talking to Matt Damon, saying, “Look what they did to my hand, man!” Vegas security doesn’t f*ck around, brother.

If anything, this all proves there is a conspiracy afoot. First, this Batman gets banned from a casino, and then the other day, another Batman got in a fight with Steve Wynn. Can’t a Batman just go to a casino and have some fun without being hassled?

(Via Variety)

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