Bengals-Ravens Live Blog — First Half

09.10.12 5 years ago 538 Comments

Yay – someone in the AFC North is finally going to win a game. Unless this ends in a tie, which would be kind of hilarious.

The upstart Bengals had a bit of a problem with the AFC North powers that be last season. The Ravens and Steelers accounted for four of Cincy’s seven regular season loses. But Mike Brown kept befuddling the world by continuing to actually make sound personnel moves in the off-season and more than a few people have the Bengals winning the division this season, if not even being a dark horse Super Bowl contender.

Meanwhile, Joe Flacco has been working on ramping up his use of the no-huddle. Flacco can’t wait for the chance to show off his self-appointed super eliteness for the first time since he totally outplayed Tom Brady, it was on TV and everything. The Ravens would also like it if someone else can pick up all the sacks that Terrell Suggs would be getting if it weren’t for off-season basketball injuries.

And because it wasn’t enough for Bob Costas to eulogize him on NBC then have Peter King call Art Modell a for-real “heart of gold to the downtrodden” in MMQB today, but there will also be some ceremony the Ravens will have before kick off to mark Modell’s passing. Do what you gotta do, Bawlmer. Don’t mind me if I give little equal time to the reaction of the people of Cleveland.


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