Best Coast – “Our Deal” Video, Directed By Drew Barrymore

08.03.11 6 years ago 4 Comments

Drew Barrymore on directing California trio Best Coast’s latest music video, “Our Deal”*:

“Liiiiiiiiiiiike, they are this super cool band from L.A. that I met recently. I just, like, couldn’t get over how cool and groovy their songs were. Then they told me that they needed, like, a director for this song they had, “Our Deal.” Well, I totally was like, ‘yeah! I’ll totally direct the video and everything!’ So I called up some of my friends like that really cute guy from Community (Donald Glover) and that really cool chick from that Ron Howard show (Alia Shawkat from Arrested Development).

And so we made this video that, like, totally rocks. There’s violence and leather and big hair and love and more leather and bad haircuts. There’s so much stuff and then, like, there’s this ending that you’ll never see coming. It’s just all around a really sweet video. So, like, check it out!”

* Not really but we’re pretty sure these would be her words, sans a publicist.

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