Two Best Friends Made A Video To ‘Prove’ To Their Families They’re Not Lovers — It Didn’t Work

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11.22.16 2 Comments

This Thanksgiving is going to be a chore for thousands of people who are only visiting mom and dad because they want a free meal. “Who did you vote for?” “Bernie Sanders would have beaten Trump. It will only take 10 minutes to explain why.” “Here’s what I think about the Jews…” But politics aside, Turkey Day is also when you, unfortunately, have to explain to Grandma Mabel and Uncle Joe what you’ve been up to since last November — your living situation, your job, your love life. That last one can be extra confusing when your family thinks you and your best friend are, y’know, more than just friends.

Reddit user tguy3000 says that his family “thinks my best friend and I might be gay,” so he “sent them this video of us in Thailand to ease their concern.” The video is titled “Just Friends,” and it depicts the two buddies enjoying the sights and sounds — and showers — of the Land of Smiles. When asked by another Redditor for some gay-or-straight (or both!) clarification, tguy3000 commented, “JUST FRIENDS,” and later added, “We’re openly straight.”

I believe J.D. and Turk put it best:

It’s guy love, don’t compromise,
The feeling of some other guy.
Holding up your heart into the sky.

I’ll be there to care through all the lows.
I’ll be there to share the highs.
It’s guy love, between two guys.

Hopefully Grandma Mabel really likes Scrubs.

(Via Reddit)

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