Twitter Jokers Are Bringing A New Sheriff Meme To Town

07.12.17 6 months ago

Paramount / Twitter

This is the sheriff of not countenancing our buffoonery.

The Twitter community has been having quite the week. When they weren’t going starkers over Donald Trump Jr.’s emails or Amazon Prime Day or fancy sandwiches and us plebes who can’t understand them, they were assembling a virtual army of new sheriffs in town. The first joke started long before the meme took off; back on June 7th, comedian and Filmdrunk Frotcast guest Brandon Wardell tweeted some cryptic emoji art:

The absurdist joke paid off a few weeks later with this borderline-safe for work tweet.

It could have easily (happily?) ended there, but never underestimate how much people love emoji. The sheriff meme took off in the past week, with this viral tweet from last Friday being my introduction to the meme:

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