Watch A Woman Nearly Get Scalped By A Vacuum Cleaner In The Best News Bloopers Of September

10.04.16 1 year ago

Another September has come and gone, and once again the YouTube channel News Be Funny has complied the best news blooper clips from the month. As always, there are the usual animals running amok and anchors losing it over everything from a clown named Dimples crashing his clown car, to something about a “man schwang,” and this lady who couldn’t handle a man wanting to live with the goats. The election season additionally provided some fodder with Ben Carson ditching CNN in the middle of an interview to get his luggage as well as Gary Johnson’s continuing insanity. And let’s not forget Corey Feldman’s amazing contribution to morning television earlier this month.

But I’m declaring the MVP of this blooper reel to be the clip of the pretty blonde Australian morning show host just after the nine minute mark who endures a man holding what appears to be a vacuum cleaner nozzle to her head, sucking in her hair as she giggles — only somewhat in terror — for a segment called “D.I.Y. Dads.” What could go wrong with that? Thankfully the (very, very patient) woman did not lose part of her scalp, as I was grimly preparing myself for, but at the end of the day, I think there are easier and better ways of creating a ballet bun, to be honest.

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