Better Know A Draft Pick: Bjoern Werner

03.12.13 5 years ago 17 Comments

Name: Björn (Bjoern) Werner

From: Berlin, Germany

Age: 22

Height: 6’3″

Weight: 266

Position: 4-3 defensive end

School: Florida State

Year: Junior

Favorite Community Episode: Alternative History of the German Invasion (he has terrible taste in Community episodes)

Married: To his high school sweetheart since 2010

How he learned football: 5 on 5 flag football games as a teenager in Germany

How she learned about football: Wikipedia

Twitter: @BjoernWernerFSU

What he tweets about: David Hasselhoff, obviously.

Bermanism: Ich bin ein pass rusher or something about Björn Borg

Nicest comparison: JJ Watt
Meanest comparison: Any other white passrusher (Long, Kampman, Kerney etc.) without the benefit of a high-end motor
Colorblind analyst comparison: Osi Umenyiora

Strengths: Efficiency in the pass rush and organization against the run
Weaknesses: Getting past Russian tackles

Loved by: Half of the draft analysts
Hated by: The other half of the draft analysts

Totally random picture that pops up in Google Image Search: Bruiser Brody

What the German media says via Google Translate: “Berlin is the defensive end has, with its 125 kilo one main purpose: flat make enemies!”

What he says about himself: From that same article…

The sooner I am taken, the better. Is oriented around the content. It is therefore I do not care, at which club I play. I can make you beautiful to me everywhere.

What scouts are saying:

Where he will go: Nobody knows. Coming into the season he was a potential first rounder. At some point he became a legitimate contender for the top-three. Since then he underwhelmed at the combine, and nobody can seem to agree on anything about him. Some list his motor as a pro, others as a con. Some say his length in an asset, others believe his lack of length will be a hindrance. He could easily go top-15, or slip into the latter parts of the first round. Nobody would be terribly surprised by either outcome. No matter what happens Mel Kiper will be right.

Immediate impact: Tough to say. He’s only played organized football since he was 15, but given his position he could start right away.

Down the road: After careful examination and lots of film study I am betting that he sucks.

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