Betty White’s Reddit AMA Suggests That Chris Rock Would Probably Portray Her In A Biopic

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04.28.14 4 Comments


Betty White, y’all! At ninety-two-years-old, she may very well be the oldest person ever to participate in a live Reddit AMA. Think about that. My grandmother is only about a year older than Betty White and I can say to a near certainty that she’s never even touched a computer keyboard, much less able to tell you what a Reddit is. Somebody held up an iPad to her last Thanksgiving while my cousin and I were traveling abroad and she had NO idea what the hell was going on.

At ninety-two, not only is Betty White amazingly still working, but even more amazingly still really goddamn funny — as evidenced by her AMA responses. She’s like the great aunt we wish we all had who would have told us dick jokes growing up.

First things first:

What’s your favorite cocktail to order?

Vodka on the rocks with a big lemon squeeze.

Once again Chris Rock steals one from Meryl:

If they were making a Betty White biopic, who do you envision playing the role of Betty White?

I would love it if it were Meryl Streep or Julie Andrews but they would probably cast someone like Chris Rock.



Can Betty White please be the one to break the late night glass ceiling?

How have you developed such a close relationship with Craig Ferguson? I love seeing you on the show! Can you just be his official sidekick and have Geoff host the Late show?

But I can’t make Geoff’s weight. My relationship with Craig is such a delight. I had the pleasure of doing his first show when he first arrived when he came from Scotland. We became dear friends and it never stopped.

Holy sh*t, I’m in my 30’s and Betty White’s life sounds exhausting:

What is a typical day in the life of Betty White?

A day in my life is up at 6:30am, usually either appointments or working at home before filming. I go to work and come home, catch up on mail, to bed about midnight.

OH SNAP, Betty White:

What’s your favorite technological innovation of the past 25 years?

Sliced bread?

She and Lucille went way back:

Did you ever meet Lucille Ball? If so what was she like?

Lucy was one of my dearest friends. Our mothers were both best friends. She was dynamite. Everything you saw was what you got. We used to play backgammon, and she used to teach me the game but she used to move the pieces so fast. I used to say how are you teaching me if you move the pieces so fast and she would say I want to win!

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