How Beyonce’s “Jay Z Cheated” Revelation Led To Two Grown Men Fighting Over Her Music

07.02.14 4 years ago 61 Comments

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Intro by J. Tinsley

The debate was bound to happen. David and I have gone back and forth over the years about music, sports, women, Dom Kennedy, LeBron and Mayweather, a particular “whose verse was hotter” between J. Cole and Wale on “Beautiful Bliss,” more sports and at one point if a grown man should order a Long Island at the bar.

Of course, the only natural progression was to argue about Beyonce because 1) that’s what real G’s like ourselves do besides moving in silence like lasagna and 2) NFL training camps don’t start for another 20+ days. So what was the nature of the argument, you ask?

Given the bombshell, blockbuster, groundbreaking and pop culture-altering news Beyonce changed her lyrics in “Resentment” possibly reflecting Jay Z’s infedlity (with Mya?!), the question was a simple one. What is Beyonce’s greatest #WhoHurtYou song ever, “Me, Myself & I” or the aforementioned “Resentment?”

And, now, the tale of the tape, otherwise known as the G-Chat convo.

David D.: you’re on drugs

Justin Tinsley: what i do

David D.: Resentment shits on Me, Myself and I, b

Justin Tinsley: See, now you’re just being unreasonable

David D.: doo. doos. Cleveland Steams it, yo

Justin Tinsley: Nahh dog. Nahh. I can’t agree with steams, doo doos and any other term to go along with that. If you think it’s better, fine and dandy. I told you, I love that record. But GOAT hurt Beyonce song?


David D.: she cut yak hair, man. That doesn’t count. If she didn’t bust out clippers she didn’t cut her hair.

Justin Tinsley: see, now you’re just being petty

David D.: Look…Resentment is just one lonely ass guitar strum, pages turning and HER SOUL ON WAX.

“Me, Myself and I” is all bouncy with flutes and synths. You can’t bare your soul to a bounce. “Resentment” got as much production as Lauryn Hill’s Unplugged
and it’s great

Justin Tinsley: “Now that it’s over stop calling me, come pick up your clothes/ Ain’t no need to front like you’re with me/ All your homies know/ Even your very best friend tried to warn me on the low”
C’monnnnnnnnnnnn, man.
She brought the best friend into it
And now buddy is questioning his best friend. I mean, I guess if you gotta throw your homie under the bus for someone, it’s Beyonce, but we have full scale grade A civil war going on here. No one can trust anybody.

David D.: Nobody’s listening to those lyrics. The song got too much bounce.
Too giddy.
Resentment you can hear the pages turning!
She’s actually reading!

Justin Tinsley: No one’s listening to it? Oh, now you’re wyling

David D.: “I’ll always remember feeling like I was no good
Like I couldn’t do it for you like your mistress could
And it’s all because you lied”

Dude, Resentment made Beyonce need to step her box game up.

Think about what it takes to make Beyonce outwardly admit to needing to go Super Saiyan with the sex

Justin Tinsley: Resentment is the initial reaction to finding out Jay probably slept with Rihanna or someone of the sort. It’s raw reaction. I give you that. Me Myself & I is the song she made after crying, countless bottles of wine, making Michelle listen to all her stories and perhaps a few tapings of Waiting To Exhale and Yaya Sisterhood.

David D.: Resentment is the “ALL THESE MEN ARE DOGS AND AIN’T SHIT” Twitter post of songs
It’s the hashtag #whohurtyou anthem

Justin Tinsley: Me Myself and I was the anthem
hence “all the ladies if you feel me sing it out”
Plus, if you piece together the clips in the right way, we saw Beyonce naked in MMI

David D.: Man, look. Drive around. Roll your windows up. Sing “Resentment” at the top of your lungs and tell me you don’t accidentally shed a

Justin Tinsley: I have! Maybe. Allegedly.
But play “Me, Myself & I” and tell me you don’t sing along.

David D.: It’s okay to cry to “Resentment” man. You can’t cry to “Me, Myself and I” because everyone else around you is dancing and toasting their Haagen Daaz to each other.

Justin Tinsley: You’re going to. It was Chris Brown’s “Loyal” before there was a Chris Brown. Except more emotional.

David D.: “Resentment” is Angela Bassett burning the car. “Me, Myself and I” is the last scene of them laughing and all that.
Give me burning the car all day.

Justin Tinsley: F***, man. You’re right.

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