T.I. Delivers An Awesome Remix For Beyonce’s “Dance For You”

10.22.12 5 years ago 7 Comments

Marriage appears to fruitful, prosperous and all that good stuff for T.I. Why else would he remix Beyonce’s ode to intimate appreciation over a year following the song and album’s release? For starters, “Dance For You” is a dope record and one highly persuasive in the appropriate settings. And if you’re going to disagree, there’s a chance you may run through six or seven bottles of lotion a week.

Moving right along, it’s common knowledge Tip was once arguably the league leader in creating songs appealing to the women folk and doing so in a manner guys had no problem openly appreciating. For “Dance For You,” T.I. channels his Casanova personality which hasn’t appeared this authentic in awhile. A strong, descriptive and explicit verse be dammned, the highlight of the song comes at the end when Papa Hustle breaks into a monologue that is just as hilarious as it is effective.

Beyonce Feat. T.I. – “Dance For You (Remix)”

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