Hit-Boy’s Dad Big Hit Drops A Shockingly Good Song, Video

06.09.14 4 years ago 28 Comments

big hit gz dont cry video

Grammy-winner producer and HS87 founder Hit-Boy brought his long-incarcerated father into the musical fold soon after his release from prison. Hit-Boy’s pops, known as Big Hit, responded with a scene-stealing verse on the HS87 single “Grindin’ My Whole Life.” Now the O.G. gets to shine on his own in the video for his solo track “Gz Don’t Cry.” The emotive track brings the darker side of life in the streets to the forefront, where dead friends, double crosses, and regret occupy the same space and shiny cars and pockets filled with dirty money.

Big Hit is surprisingly comfortable behind the mic for someone who presumably didn’t have the opportunity to enter a recording booth while in the penitentiary for nearly two decades. He has the relaxed delivery of an old pro, with the personality and confidence of a man who is speaking about what he knows. Quality gangsta rap is as important to hip-hop as conscious rap, and Big Hit is an intriguing newcomer to a subgenre that has lost its footing in the mainstream in recent years.

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