Bill Vs. Betty Is Beloved Nightmare Fuel

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08.09.11 11 Comments

How someone with a deranged love for two national treasures has been running a face-switching site over the last year and just today I’ve come to learn about it is beyond me. But it happened. Bill Vs. Betty is “a tumblog dedicated to the photo mashuppery of Bill Murray and Betty White.” Kind of like that movie Face/Off, except more believable.
Seven pages worth of cringe-worthy face switchery have been sporadically updated over the last year. I’ve included my fifteen favorites (?) here. The crazy part is intuitively you’d think Bill Murray’s face over Betty White’s body would be way creepier, when in fact it’s the exact opposite. Bill over Betty usually just comes off as a particularly unattractive old lady, whereas Betty over Bill is some of the more intense nightmare fuel I’ve come across in a while (and I search some weird stuff after midnight).
The Stripes poster above is in particular slowly draining my soul. But you should totally check them all out anyway. I swear you’ll be able to watch Lost in Translation again. Swear.
Bill vs. Betty via Gorilla Mask

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