Bills-Dolphins TNF Live Blog

11.13.14 3 years ago 666 Comments

San Diego Chargers v Miami Dolphins

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Hooray for law and order and all that, but it is really a shame that police recovered the 48-foot production truck belonging to Rich Eisen’s show that was stolen this week in South Florida. If life were more like ridiculous action movies, that stolen truck would bust through the gates of SunLife Stadium during tonight’s game horribly vandalized and beaming a pirate broadcast of Roger Goodell tied up and being slapped in the face with dildos to a grateful nation.

Instead, I suppose we’ll have to settle for a pretty good football game devoid of cartoonish property damage. IF WE MUST.

The winner tonight will improve to 6-4 and get to hover around the AFC playoff race for at least another week. Also, they will put nominal pressure on the Patriots to keep winning to hold the AFC East lead. The loser, while not technically eliminated, will have lost two straight and faces a steep climb just to get a Wild Card berth.

Offensively, neither are stalwarts, though Miami is at least in the middle of the pack while Sammy Watkins can make some exciting plays for the Bills. Fred Jackson is said to be unlikely to play this evening because of a groin injury.

Both teams, however, possess defenses rated near the top of the DVOA rankings. They rank third and fourth, in fact. The Bills were able to put 29 on Miami in the first meeting in Buffalo, though that included a 100-yard kick return score and winning the turnover battle by two. Of course, that was back when E.J. Manuel was still the starting quarterback. Now the Dolphins face the oddly clean shaven fury of Kyle Orton.

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