Prepare Yourself For Cash Money’s New Movie “Rich Gang”

05.02.12 6 years ago 18 Comments

Birdman and YMCMB are ready to parlay their music fame into film. The industry leaders in radio rap are extremely proud to share news they’re launching Cash Money Films and their first potential release, Rich Gang. In an interview with XXL, the Cash Money CEO spoke on the movie’s potential saying “I would like them for just be themselves…I’m not gonna tell no n*gga to go to acting school. Just be yourself. We’re excited as a brand about it. Tyga, everybody is like, ‘Stunna, let’s do a movie.’ We got a few of them lined up and we gonna shoot them.” Of course that’s how it happened. If Tyga makes a suggestion, you listen.

Really, a YMCMB feature-length film would be the best thing to happen to unintentional comedy since The Room. Think about all of the personalities on the label. Lil Wayne would be the protagonist, for obvious reasons. Drake can play the aloof pretty boy. Tyga can be the reckless rookie, never playing by the rules and getting his team in trouble, and Nicki Minaj can be the girl. Factor in Birdman’s sage wisdom and you have a complete stable of characters. I just hope they properly utilize Gudda Gudda. He’s a wealth of talent.

No word yet on when this gem will surface, but stay tuned, lest you miss out on the greatest cinematic experience since Gang of Roses 2. In the meanwhile, revisit the old Cash Money Millionaires in their 2000 opus Baller Blockin’.

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