Birdman Talks The Handrub, Cash Money’s 100 Album Goal

03.30.12 6 years ago 21 Comments

Birdman - Slim


How many records has Cash Money sold so far?

We sold 150 million so far. Our track record runs deep. We’ve been the most dominant force of 2011, we gonna be the most dominant force of 2012. We have 16 releases in the first six months of this year. Our goal, as a brand, is to put out 100 albums a year. So I’m trying to figure out how we gonna reach that…

100 albums a year?

We gonna do 16 in the first six months and we gonna try this year to try to put out at least 30 this year. Next year, we’ll try to put out 50. We just gonna keep growing. To have 100 active acts is a lot. It ain’t just rappers, it’s different artists in different parts of the country: rap, pop, country, gospel—its everything.

I saw you once tweeted saying “I’m rubbing my hands because I’m always counting money.”

So many people ask me about it but honestly I don’t know. Shit just became a habit. But my palms do itch a lot, I swear they do. So I got tired of scratching them and just went to rubbing my hands…So I just got tired of scratching them and just went to rubbing my hands. But it just became a habit and it’s like I’m known for the shit. I’m like “Damn, I’m doing this shit that much that people are recognizing it? But then I found myself doing it so now I’m like, Fuck it, I’m going to keep doing it.”

That’s dope that instead of shying away from it, you embrace it.

I really wanted to let them know that at the end of the day, it’s really about money.

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