Guilt-Free Listening: Black Milk’s ‘If There’s A Hell Below’ Album Stream And ‘What It’s Worth’ Video

10.29.14 3 years ago 10 Comments

Black Milk’s If There’s A Hell Below hit the streets this week, and thanks to Bandcamp, heads can get a convenient preview with no hassle. I won’t spoil much but the following should bear some consideration to the following point before pressing play. Black released three projects in a year without leaving that lingering overkill smell.

That’s probably because, while they share themes, each project’s production meets different avenues than the last. Case in point, this record’s more funky than electronic. So it comes in clear contrast to Glitches In The Break and 2013’s No Poison, No Paradise.

Those new to Black obviously can’t know those albums. Thus they might as well start here and let the LP speak for itself. Meanwhile, fans probably skipped all these words and got the album well underway.

Way to show restraint, guys.


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