Black Milk Goes From Detroit To Houston On “What It’s Worth”

06.22.14 4 years ago 3 Comments

Black Milk - What It's Worth

Black Milk’s “What It’s Worth” sees the artist take his style into uncharted territory just in time for summer’s official arrival. He channels a more laid-back, Southern sound over a double time flow and the results are pretty, pretty good. It’s the kind of song perfect for the whip as the heat transforms your car into an oven. It’s no thing what with the windows down, music blasting and a dime-of-the-day in a sundress averting your eyes until you nearly get into an accident.*

Most of Black Milk’s fans wouldn’t expect him to sound at home on a country rap tune. Yet it’s happening on this song and it makes one wonder why this foray took so long. “What It’s Worth” could be a one-off. Either way it’s refreshing to hear a “boom-bap” guy have fun with a record quite different from his prior work. He may be on to something here and I wouldn’t be mad if he explores this lane going forward.

* – This has happened to Tinsley and AJ, mind you.

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