Boaty McBoatface Gets A Real Name And The Internet Dissolves Into Angry Tears

News Editor
05.06.16 6 Comments

Hey there, dreamers. Did your parents raise you to believe that you could make an impact upon the world? That one day you could rise up and join together with a group of like-minded people to make a difference? That a revolution would begin, and existing institutions would crumble in the face of your combined power? Well, you can forget about that right now. All that is good will inevitably be destroyed, as those who know “better” than you shall inevitably override the will of the people. Your opinions do not matter. Go home, son.

This above scenario illustrates what went down across the pond, for some harsh truth came down like Thor’s hammer on Friday morning. Great Britain’s Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) assumed the risk of relying upon popular opinion and a spiffy polar research vessel underwent a rigorous naming process, which saw the internet decide almost unanimously that Boaty McBoatface should be the moniker by which magnificence glides through the water. Folks were truly pumped to see this revolutionary vessel take a name that would reflect optimism.

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