Watch Brad Pitt Toss A Beer From His New Orleans Balcony To His Neighbor — Matthew McConaughey

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05.19.14 15 Comments
Brad Pitt NOLA

YouTube / Daily Mirror

Brad Pitt and Matthew McConaughey are just two regular dudes. Two regular dudes with Oscars on their shelves, “Sexiest Man Alive” titles, beautiful wives and families, millions upon millions of dollars, and large balconies separated only by a busy New Orleans street.

Thanks to that last similarity, the duo crossed paths over the weekend when McConaughey flew in to NOLA to film an Amazing Race scavenger hunt segment with Saints quarterback Drew Brees.

McConaughey NOLA

YouTube / Daily Mirror

Upon realizing this year’s Oscar-winner for Best Actor was across the way, the man who bagged a statue for producing Best Picture-winner 12 Years A Slave came out for a chat. After a few hollers — and with onlookers going crazy below — Pitt successfully completed the ultimate regular dude move: a cross-balcony beer toss to McConaughey.

Here’s a video of the special moment, courtesy of prolific Vine-making cyborg World of Isaac:

The friendly gesture between two of Hollywood’s most successful leading men probably has no bearing on the rumors that Pitt is inheriting McConaughey’s lead role for the second season of True Detective, but that won’t stop us from ramping up the speculation. Hell, this probably means they’re starring in season two together. LOOK AT THAT CHEMISTRY. Don’t let it go to waste, HBO.

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