Breaking NFL Football News From…Rob Lowe’s Twitter Page

01.18.12 10 Comments

If the guy currently playing Drew Peterson in a Lifetime movie winds up scooping NFL reporters like Peter King, Adam Schefter and Jay Glazer on this, well, that’d just be awesome. As Brandon at With Leather points out, “If it turns out to be true, it will be the NFL’s biggest story of the year, broken in the most ridiculous way by the most random person in history on a day when 80% of the Internet is blacked out and taking off.”

Perhaps this sets the stage for Andy Dwyer to tryout for QB of the Colts on Parks and Rec? See him in the GIF below sporting a Colts jersey?

And since the Colts are currently coachless, I know of a fearless leader of men who’d be perfect for the job.

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