You Better Not Rob Brisco, And Budden Gets Tahiry’ed

08.08.09 8 years ago 22 Comments

If you haven’t seen it by now, above is the clip of Florida rapper Brisco getting robbed @ a barbershop. Not a laughing matter. What is funny is the language, delivered in the most deadpan of tones, used by the police spokesperson while discussing the incident with the local news. “They took a little more off the top than he expected”? “…off the chain”? So disrespectful © Marcus.

So what did Brisco do?

Dude he dropped a diss song!


Download — Brisco – “Revenge”


Dear Brisco,

Ordinarily you wouldn’t even be on my radar so maybe this was a blessing in disguise. Reportedly, the robbery took place a week ago and, after it hits the news, this track appears. Following that train of thought, you weren’t going to say anything until it went public? Or, you had a week & this was the best you could come up with? Tried your best to conjure up the spirit of Pac but your words sound garbled as if you were rapping with tobacco in your lip. Pish posh.

A diss track won’t do though and the logic is flawed. It’s the equivalent of me blogging immediately after getting jacked. Sure, I’d tell about it, but probably only after…what the fuck am I talking about? No I wouldn’t lol. What’s worse is you’re utting a price on their heads via song. Hmm…so if they turn up stinking, guess who’s getting the heat?

Anyways, odds are the lil niglets who robbed you are rollin’ in your Range playing this shit, taking pictures with your chain on.

In other fuckery to be addressed, YN is reporting that Raekwon & others apparently served Joey with an eye jammy @ Rock The Bells San Bernadino. If so, no disrespect to the God Shallah Raekwon, but that’s some weak ass bullshit © G-Baby. Played right into the role of old disgruntled rapper baited in by a younger (disgruntled) rapper. If Meth & Mouse seemingly squashed it, why are you & them old arse Ice Water ninjas involved? And yeah, they mad old. One of looks like my Uncle Ray, drunk driving with a glass eye. Never could figure out how he’d drive while he was perved, I mean, having one good eye and all.

But…did Joe get…Tahiry’ed lol?

Anyways, I think they’re still streaming or something @ BuddenTV. You can watch. I can only sit still long enough to watch pron @ the cpu. And I’m sure both will be Twittering about it soon enough. Rae here, Budden here and then Gotty™.


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