Bulldogs! Bulldogs! Bulldogs!

01.31.12 6 years ago

An admission: I’m a latecomer when in regards to being a fan of bulldogs. For too long I was blinded by their slobbering, labored breathing, smelly farts, chainsaw-esque snoring, and all-around dirty tendencies to see the intolerable cuteness they hold. But no more! I’m a sucker for a fat-ass, snorting bulldog — if one comes walking down the street my way it is virtually impossible for me not to engage it. VIRTUALLY. IMPOSSIBLE.

So this morning when I ran across two great bulldog videos I spent some time laboring over which one I should post. Duh — silly me — why not post BOTH of them? You’re welcome in advance, internet!

The bulldog in this first video appears to think he’s Maru, the king of the internet cats with an affection for boxes he’s too large to fit in…

And this is just a video of some baby bulldogs learning to walk for the first time. That’s all. Nothing to see here….

(HT: Laughing Squid & Jerkstore Mike)

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