Calvin Johnson Makes Short Work Of Buffalo Rookie Stephon Gilmore

05.24.12 6 years ago 27 Comments

Fully aware that Kill Kill Kill has been decidedly lion-heavy of late, but I insist you place the blame on YouTube users. I’m trying to find kill videos that don’t already have 12 million views, but the preponderance of animal death videos being posted lately are either strictly lions killing things or some deceptively titled trolling like “DOG SAVAGELY MURDERS CAT” that turns out to be someone’s beagle chewing on a plush cat toy. Quit teasing me, jerks. I’m trying to bring real animal death to the masses. This is serious!

Anyway, lion killing might be so two thousand and late, but I think you’ll find this a prime specimen. I like the way the grass barely conceals the lion, but both parties stay committed to the ruse. Baby buffalo: “Hey, what’s that big tawny thing stalking me? No time for questions. I’ve got a tree to sit under.”

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