This Bride’s Family Turned A Canceled Wedding Into A Luxurious Feast For The Homeless

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10.19.15 3 Comments

On Saturday, the worst of times for one woman turned into the best of times for over 90 homeless people. A few days before a Sacramento wedding, the groom-to-be ran away with cold feet. The bride was beside herself, but her family was determined not to waste the $35,000 event. Although the nuptials did not take place as planned, Kari Duane turned her daughter’s fancy reception into a sumptuous feast for the homeless.

The shindig was slated to take place at the fancy Citizen Hotel, so Duane kept the event open and extended an invite to the city’s homeless shelters. Salad, appetizers, salmon, tri-tip, and desserts were all available for the taking. Duane worried that no one would show, but the first guest arrived early:

“When I found out on Monday that the wedding would not be taking place, it just seemed like, of course, this would be something that we would do to give back. I was thinking at that moment, if she’s the only person that comes tonight, this was worth it.”

Soon enough, the banquet hall was filled with people of all ages. Erika Craycraft, her husband, and their five children were all touched by Duane’s kindness. Craycraft told KCRA, “To lose out on something so important to yourself and then give it to someone else is really giving, really kind.” The bride-to-be stayed home, as the event was too painful for her to attend. However, her nonrefundable Belize honeymoon will turn into a mother-daughter vacation.

(Via KCRA)

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