Cardinals-Rams Live Blog, Second Half

10.04.12 5 years ago 723 Comments

As opposed to our previous two live blogs, where all first half offense eased into the game just before halftime life it was trying to be fashionably late, both teams got on the board with their first possession, appearing shockingly competent. The Rams even got an outstanding one-handed catch from Danny Amendola to key their opening touchdown drive. Of course, Welkahdola couldn’t haul in a crucial pass on a subsequent drive, lost a challenge on another catchable ball and, judging by the way he launched his helmet in frustration walking to the locker room, just sustained a serious injury.

In other serious injury news, Quentin Mikell took a teammate’s knee to the head and stayed down for a while. He won’t return unless the concussion policy is going to asplode.

As much as it sickens me to admit because Peter King loves him and wants to praise Jeff Fisher for drafting him because PK and Fisher have the same agent, but Greg Zuerlein is pretty damn impressive. That 53-yarder he hit in the first half was as sure as extra point you’re likely to see. Not like any Jay Feely kick, apparently, as he shanked a chip shot right before half.

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