The Cassidy Vs. Dizaster Battle Was Even Worse Than You Thought It Was Going To Be

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12.07.14 23 Comments

Expectations were mostly low for battle rap “legend” Cassidy’s return to the ring when it was announced and sometimes expectations hit the nail right on the head.

Cass took the stage against Dizaster in Los Angeles at the Ether event and proceeded to spit a much too long round of outdated material and simplistic similes. Diz wasn’t much better and, even though things were already bad after the first round of the battle, they were about to get a lot worse.

Just as Cassidy was about to begin his second round, the lights in the venue cut off and seconds later the stream went black. Those in attendance say the event was shut down by fire marshals and everybody was forced to leave. The people in charge of the event have rescheduled the event for Sunday in a “secret location”, as if there is any demand to actually see that.

Much like Total Slaughter back in July, the entire high priced event was a disappointment. Poor performances, low production values, microphone issues in nearly every battle and more mired the event. In a cagey bit of timing battle league, URL released a battle of their own, B Magic vs. Conceited, earlier in the day that was miles better than anything from Ether.

Guess Smack is right. You really can’t copy respect.

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