Cee-Lo Green Speaks For Thrifty, Jilted Hearts Everywhere

08.20.10 7 years ago 27 Comments

Well he speaks for almost all of us.

Cee-Lo’s “F*ck You,” the latest single from his upcoming album The Lady Killer, grabbed my attention beyond its lowbrow song title. We all know women are about their finances and those that excel in the economical arts, aka gold diggers, ain’t trying to get with freelance writing types like myself. So this song serves as a means to vent that frustration and keep it moving. The only thing I wouldn’t go for is the prospect of staying with a chick like that once the funds are rolling in. Who’s to say she won’t dump you again for another cat with deeper pockets? That’s a fool me once, fool me twice scenario no one in their right mind would pursue.

Then again if said gold digger looked like Eva Mendes or Paula Patton I might have to take that back.

Download — Cee-Lo Green – “Fuck You”

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