Celebrate Nic Cage’s Birthday With His Best Dance GIFs

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01.07.13 4 Comments

Were we to redesign the American flag into the UPROXX flag, which is something that needs to happen immediately, because obviously, the 50 stars would be replaced with five Alison Bries, three corgis, two Omar Littles, and 39 Nicolas Cage heads. (Sorry, New Hampshire, you’re outta here.) Our love affair with Mr. Cage is long and storied and creepy, and we’d being doing him disservice if we didn’t acknowledge that it’s his 49th birthday — or one year for every bat he’s bitten the head off to drink its eternal crazy juice.

So, to celebrate the momentous occasion since someone, I don’t remember who, stole the Declaration of Independence, here are some of Cage’s best “dancing” GIFs. (Cage v. Rockwell dance-off, please.) It’s encouraged you listen to music while scrolling through — M.I.A.’s “10 Dollar” works beautifully — though the glory of Cage freaking out in Vampire’s Kiss works without any accompaniment. It just…is. Completely nuts.

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