Channing Tatum Goes Undercover As Elvis To Prank Office Workers And Enable Mild Stripping For Charity

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In the mood to go leer at some sweaty waffle maker-y abs in Las Vegas? Box office titan and frequent disrober Channing Tatum would like to join you in your gawking, if that’s alright.

This horny night in Nevada is being offered up as a prize marking (RED)’s 10th anniversary with would-be torso droolers having the opportunity to win a trip to Vegas and hang out with Tatum at Magic Mike Live. The idea is that your money goes to assist the quest for HIV/AIDS prevention and if that can be helped along by the promise of sensually charged dancing, what’s not to like about that deal?

To promote the charitably-mined offer, Tatum stars in a video spot where he interacts with unsuspecting office workers while dolled up as a faux Elvis. (Or Jimmy Ray if your vision’s not what it could be.) He also makes a pitch to the viewer that includes the perk of the winner joining the muscular thespian to “do some shots, do some champagne, get a little weird, maybe get a lap dance or two.” The surprised guests of Elvis/Channing’s mini-Vegas seem to be having a lovely time and that’s nice to see. We’d hate for Channing Tatum to have to sheepishly lug the Graceland wardrobe to Goodwill because it didn’t pan out.

We have the clip nestled above for your viewing pleasure and so we can all adjust our Elvis impression power rankings accordingly.

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