Charlie Sheen Wanted To Play Spider-Man

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09.04.12 5 Comments

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Charlie Sheen told some interesting stories on Episode 84 of Mohr Stories, including the claim that he tried to play Spider-Man back before comic book movies were all the rage. As you can imagine, someone else was described as being completely in the wrong in this scenario.

“I had an office at Orion at the time, and I brought them Spider-Man. I said, ‘Look, in a couple of years, I’ll be too old to play Peter Parker.’ And they said, ‘Yeah, we’re just thinking that cartoons are not the future, comic books are not the future.’ And I said, ‘But it’s Spider-Man, I’m perfect.’ And they were like, ‘Nah, we’re gonna wait.'” [transcribed by THR]

Charlie Sheen didn’t have the rights to the character, but as he tells Jay Mohr on the podcast, “I had a guy in my pocket who was going to get them for me.” Was this guy named Dizzle Skillet? Because he already promised those rights to me in a dice game, Tigerblood.

It never came to Sheen trying to acquire the rights, as Orion wasn’t interested and went bankrupt a while later. You know what would have really made this story awesome? If Ashton Kutcher had been offered the Spider-Man role instead of Tobey Maguire.

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