Cheating On Your Spouse Can Kill You

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Here’s a good reason, beyond societal judgement, divorce, shame, financial difficulty, and broken families to not cheat on your spouse: it makes you more likely to drop dead.

Scientists have found that if you’re going to pop off to the great hereafter during sex, it’ll be when you’re cheating on your spouse. Pretty much every survey of men who bought the farm during the act of love turns out that the majority of the men in question were with mistresses or prostitutes.

Why? Two reasons: one, the sex is usually with somebody younger, so it’s more athletic and possibly a strain on the heart.

Two, the stress of juggling two relationships, keeping one secret, and avoiding being caught is a massive amount of stress, and that translates directly into higher rates of cardiovascular disease: twice as likely at least, more if your spouse is interested and sexually active.

In short, science says keep it in your pants.

image courtesy MGM

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