Check Out The Amazing Pop Culture Portraiture Of Kirk Demarais And Dave MacDowell

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Dave MacDowell “Lord Of The Lebowski’s”

Two artists we love will be exhibiting their work tonight at Gallery 1988‘s Venice location in Los Angeles starting at 7 PM. We’ve already featured Dave MacDowell‘s work at Gamma Squad and Film Drunk, and the painting above is a good representation of his skilled caricature mashups of beloved works. We’ve also been meaning to feature the pop culture family portraits of Kirk Demarais for awhile. His colored pencil drawings evoke the awkward formal portraits we all had to sit for with our families at some point, but he uses the awkward family photo style to pay tribute to the families in our favorite TV shows and movies.
Our favorite works from the show are below. These and the rest can be viewed at Gallery 1988 and may still be available to buy.

Dave MacDowell “Calmer Than You Are”

Dave MacDowell “Aggression Will Not Stand Man”

Kirk Demarais “The Drapers” (Mad Men)

Kirk Demarais “The Bluths” (Arrested Development)

Kirk Demarais “The Whites” (Breaking Bad)

Dave MacDowell “Chew-Bac”

Dave MacDowell “Notorious P.I.G.”

Kirk Demarais “The McDunnoughs” (Raising Arizona)

Kirk Demarais “The McClanes” (Die Hard)

Kirk Demarais “The Buellers” (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off)

Kirk Demarais “The Emersons Revamped” (Lost Boys)

Dave MacDowell “Gizmo Vangogh”

Kirk Demarais “The Fischers” (Rushmore)

Kirk Demarais “The Weirs” (Freaks And Geeks)

Kirk Demarais “The Mayweathers” (Cabin Boy)

Dave MacDowell “Walk Like A Man”

This is so majestic.

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