Chief Feat. Guilty Simpson & Wreckonize – “Can’t Stand It”

09.22.10 7 years ago 10 Comments

There are a lot of things I can’t stand. First and foremost, my job. Second, ignorance. Third, well, that’s a toss up between being broke and scratched CDs, which go hand in hand. Above all, though, might just be that g*ddamn Man. You know, the one who constantly holds us down from attaining the things we work so hard to achieve? Well, if you don’t, I’ve got two Detroiters who’d happily slap you back into reality.

Brokenhearted and perhaps as abandoned as the buildings their beloved city sees scattered throughout it’s skyline, Chief and Guilty Simpson – along with Wrekonize of iMayday! – dispel how disheartening your dreams can become after steady grinding and minimal return on investment. If the hunger in their voices doesn’t sell you alone, then the killer keys and haunted horns should have you scared straight.

Chief Feat. Guilty Simpson & Wreckonize – “Can’t Stand It” | Download

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