Chief Keef Says Kanye West “Ain’t Do Sh*t For Me”

08.13.12 5 years ago 41 Comments

Of course, the tweet was later deleted, but Keef’s long been on record as saying ‘Ye and company didn’t bring him into the conversation before remixing the song (and we all know how Young Chop felt initially). Is Chief Keef’s statement youthful arrogance, highly accurate or a cross between the two?

The argument can be made that Kanye give Keef the ultimate look with the G.O.O.D. Music remix, but Keef was already on every label’s radar. As well, the Chicago youngster already had the Windy City streets on lock with his #300 movement. On a larger scale, think of the last time Gawker reached out to a teenage rapper before Keef? Hell, think of the last time Gawker reached out to a rapper.

None of this is to say Chief’s right, but he has a point. His words definitely read ungrateful in tone, they may be more of what rap needs. More disrupting the system and shaking up the current order of things, which have grown stale to be honest. No more waiting for handouts or making cookie-cutter tracks to appease labels. Think of how many talented artists jumped aboard a larger artist’s movement, only to collect dust waiting for a piece of the action. Rap needs more artists focused on “fuck a cosign, I’ll sign myself” by connecting with fans through music that matters to them.

Fact of the matter is the only true thing Kanye did was escalate the process of the Interscope deal, but Chief was getting a check either way it went, right?

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