#Podcast: The Chris Kluwe Interview

07.21.11 7 years ago 18 Comments

Vikings punter Chris Kluwe stopped in the dōjō last night; it was the first time we’ve had an NFL starter “live” for a podcast recording. Kluwe has been outspoken on recent NFL policies and the recent CBA negotiations, and we asked him about that and a few other things.

Some highlights of the interview (which starts around the six-minute mark):

  • Chris says that 90 percent of the current CBA will be recycled from the previous CBA, and that it wouldn’t take long for the players to vote on it once the player reps approve a proposal.
  • He says the only grief that he got from his Brady v. NFL comments were from Colts and Saints fans, and that others reached out to him because he said what they were thinking.
  • Nobody in the Vikings locker room will challenge Chris in “Guitar Hero” because he’s so good at it. This is also the same reason that nobody will play him in “Mario Cart” for money.
  • His band, Tripping Icarus, plays music that makes me want to build pipe bombs in my basement.
  • Chris was born on December 24, but he says tearing an ACL is worse than having a Christmas Eve birthday. I doubt that.

We also spoke with HOUSE OF PUNTE legal analyst Matt DeTura, who discusses the NFL CBA and gives some great-if-a-bit-dated insight into the Roger Clemens mistrial and Casey Anthony verdict.

Listen above or download the MP3 here or from iTunes, and follow @houseofpunte on Twitter.

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