School Official Fat Shames Student’s ‘Chubby Wubby’ Mom At Community Meeting, Doesn’t Realize Mic Is On

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05.15.14 12 Comments

A Putnam County (New York) school official resigned this week after describing the mother of a student as “chubby wubby” and continuing to fat shame the parent at a community meeting.

Mahopac school board president Ray Cote made the remarks not realizing the microphone in front of him was not only on, but broadcasting his comments live on local television and to the internet.

A mother of two students at a district high school “could not believe her ears” and posted a video of Cote’s comments to YouTube:

“This-this one here,” Cote says to another official in the clip. “This chubby wubby. She gets fatter and fatter every meeting. She really does.”

According to WABC-TV New York, Cote is “part of a diversity and sensitivity team created in response to a scandal back in March.” Whoops. The school board’s attorney announced Cote’s resignation on Tuesday, effective immediately.

WABC-TV New York via 22 Words

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