Coachella 2012: Watch Performances By A$AP Rocky, Azealia Banks & Childish Gambino

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04.15.12 13 Comments

Coachella’s live stream was up and running but so was Saturday evening, so in case there conflicting schedules, here’s a chance to watch the A$AP Rocky and the Mob invading the Cali festival, Childish Gambino running through familiar tracks – including Kendrick and Danny Brown joining him for “You Know Me” – and newcomer Azealia Banks, who Miss Info seemed mighty impressed by.

“I was looking forward to seeing Azealia’s set as much as I was anticipating the bigger headliners because in such a short amount of time she’s become this polarizing figure. So there’s always the question of, can she deliver on the hype.

“And in my mind, the answer is 100% yes. Not only did she have incredible stage presence, and a variety of weapons (a unique look, loads of confidence, swagger, dance moves, soulful vocals, and lots of speed spit)….but her breath control and clarity alone, was way advanced compared to Azealia’s female rap ancestors.”

Take a look, decide for yourself and enjoy.

Cred: Yardie, Navjosh

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