'Community's' Greendale 7 Teaser Is Getting Us All Hot

03.08.12 6 years ago 4 Comments

Just when I thought my anticipation level for Community’s return a week from today couldn’t get any higher (what, with the animated webisodes, Dark Knight/Prometheus mashups, and promise of more Alison Brie GIF-able moments and all) the evil geniuses behind the show go and air their own teaser trailer for the return of the study group during the Soup and create a level of excitement I haven’t experienced since “getting to second base” was explained to me.

I’m tempted to just type line after context free line from the teaser here because they really are all so awesome, but that kind of ruins the point and I’m already dangerously close to developing a wicked case of carpal tunnel. Instead, let me just stay…Chang’s 25th birthday! Tiny riot gear! Bus station conception! Darkest timeline John Goodman!

Video after the jump. It auto plays for some annoying reason. Also be warned you have to sit through an ad for Eddie Murphy’s latest exercise in laziness. Seriously, how good must this be if I’m still recommending it? UPDATE: Now with YouTube player! Thanks, James.

Other version here in case this gets pulled.

The Soup via Sly Oyster

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