This Wildlife Expert Subjected Himself To Getting Bitten By A Snapping Turtle For Your Entertainment

04.21.17 9 months ago 2 Comments

You may recognize wildlife expert Coyote Peterson from his Brave Wilderness YouTube channel, best known for the videos of outlandish and often times dangerous stunts he performs for the sake of “education” — such as getting bitten by a leafcutter ant, being “eaten alive” by leeches, stung by the ominous-sounding tarantula hawk, and vomiting profusely after eating something called “puke fruit,” to name a few.

Peterson’s latest stunt involves the common snapping turtle, a creature with jaws so sharp and strong it can tear through flesh and snap bone. So naturally, he decided to let one bite him! To avoid having his hand completely ripped apart, Peterson employed the use of a dowel rod to create a barrier between the beak of the turtle and its ability to scissor its jaws, which should tell you everything you need to know about the safety of this stunt.

Supposedly the reason for letting a snapping turtle take his hand to the “chomp zone” was to demonstrate to viewers how to get one to let go if bitten; methods that include dumping a bottle of water on the turtle’s face, submerging it in water, or putting rubbing alcohol in its mouth, should anyone be lucky enough to have these resources nearby or on hand.

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