What We Can All Learn From This Guy’s Reaction To His Ex-Girlfriend’s ‘Attempted Vehicular Homicide’

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Some people get so angry that they want to break things and set it all on fire. However, what maturity usually teaches us is that going HAM on things, especially things that aren’t our own, is not the correct way to handle the inner voice that says, “Hulk Smash!” Even when someone else is Hulk-smashing your property and trying to kill you.

A Massachusetts guy remained as calm as a Buddhist monk when his ex-girlfriend gave in to her craziness and tried to ram him with her luxury SUV, among other things. In the viral video posted on YouTube recently, the woman keys the guy’s car and then throws an object through the house window he’s reporting from. When the victim steps out to get better video footage of the woman’s destruction, she doubles back and crashes her car into his, narrowly missing him, before speeding away, reversing and then smashing all of his car’s windows.

Despite being seconds away from possible death, Boston guy remains stoic. He continues filming and showing off the damage that the woman just inflicted on his car.

Perhaps the reason why he remains so collected is because the woman has two cases on him. “I don’t want any issues with her,” he said in the video. “She’s not even supposed to be here. She has two open cases on me, both in which she has retracted her original statements against me.” Apparently, the woman has accused him of abuse prior to whenever this latest incident occurred. “So, she claims I’m abusing and harassing her,” he said, “but clearly I’m not.”

No one knows if that part is true because we’re only getting his side of the story. But, kudos to him for keeping calm and carrying on, hopefully to the police station to file a report. I’m sure if he matched her crazy, this story would’ve had a different headline.

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