Jason Jones Of ‘The Daily Show’ Uncovered The Hilarious Reason Russia Produces So Many Insane Videos

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02.25.14 4 Comments

With the Winter Olympics over, The Daily Show‘s Jason Jones filed his final report from Russia last night, and it was a doozy. Having already interviewed Mikhail Gorbachev, explored Russia’s homophobia, and exposed the country as a conservative paradise, he finally got around to investigating Russia’s most important cultural phenomenon: all those crazy internet videos.

Specifically, he sat down with a math teacher to find out why Russians are so extreme. Turns out, all those crazy stunts come back to a famous Russian saying: “Don’t be a p*ssy.”

As Jones points out, this four-word philosophy might lead Russians to light themselves on fire and jump off five-story buildings, parallel park like f*cking maniacs, and use excavators to light cigarettes, but it also fuels punk rock acts like Pussy Riot and inspires protests against social injustices.

So, by all means, Russians, never lose your edge. It’s going to make your country a better, more tolerant place. And in the meantime, we get to enjoy stuff like the video below. Win-win!

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