Danny Brown Unearths “Streets Of Detroit” & Talks Growing Up In Interview With Noisey

04.15.14 4 years ago 3 Comments

Anyone who’s been listening to Danny Brown since he had braids knows his music has evolved quite a bit, over time. Yet, despite going from an underground MC spitting street-conscious tales of his Detroit hometown to an international superstar making illicit club rockers, Danny is looking to take both his life and career to the next level.

Watch the quick interview Brown did with Noisey above and you’ll see a much more mature version of the Fools Gold rapper. Happier? Perhaps. Settled might be the better adjective.

Instead of coming across paranoid or agitated like he has a tendency to do, in general, Danny seems refined and confident in his personal growth. As a result of his new-found self-respect, he hints at not wanting to make drug music anymore – basically saying he’s getting too old to be seen as a jester.

Considering we’re more into Daniel’s introspective cuts anyways, we’re pleased to hear he wants to take his craft more seriously. If Danny can cut back on the prescription talk and apply the same back against the wall perspective heard on older material like the recently-unearthed “Streets Of Detroit” to his new found surroundings, his content will only expand and get better.

While we wait for Danny’s hunger to come full circle, cop the re-released version of his 2008 debut album Hot Soup, which will be released on House Shoes’ Street Corner Music label on April 19th and features four other unreleased gems from one of Detroit’s most versatile rappers.

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