Dark Knight Rises Photoshops, an Epic Peel-out, and Links

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01.24.11 2 Comments

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell: 7 Wartime Posters [Uproxx]

All The Weird News You Can Shake An Enormous Bra At [UproxxNews]

How Will Google Survive Without Their Adult Supervision? [UproxxNews]

FilmDrunk Frotcast 31: Live from Sundance, It’s reboot News [

The Ten Best Recurring Jokes on TV [WarmingGlow]

The Super Bowl Ads Are Gonna Suck [WithLeather]

6 Unfortunate Dunk Contest Winners [TSS]

Twitter Star, Not Movie Star [Pajiba]

10 Famous Movie Scenes Recreated In Lego [EgoTV]

World’s Coolest “Mobile Home” [ForkParty]

The 6 Most Humiliating Game Shows Losses Ever [TVSquad]

Viva Caligula In Hell: Adult Swim Games [AdultSwim]

The Ball Inside a Guinness Can Explained [CoedMag]

So Guess Who Wants to Play Alfred Hitchcock? [Moviefone]

This Rubber Tire is Famous Enough To Get On Late Night Now [TSJ]

VIDEO BELOW: “Roads? Where Mike Proctor’s going he doesn’t need roads.” — TDW

[Banner picture by Kevin Sung and Anjin Anhut via SuperPunch, inset pic via EpicPonyz. One more photoshop here.]

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