Dave Chappelle And Chris Rock Texted Jay-Z To Get Spaghetti With Them During Surprise Stand-Up Set

02.27.13 5 years ago 13 Comments

The comedy version of the Watch the Throne tour took its first baby steps towards actually happening last night, when Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle performed together at New York’s Comedy Cellar for a surprise stand-up gig. According to Splitsider, via The Comic’s Comic, Chappelle did about 40 minutes of material before Rock joined him, at which point they “ended up calling Arsenio Hall and Lenny Kravitz and texting Jay-Z to go get spaghetti with them in the middle of the night – a wacky idea Chappelle had.” If I had Jay-Z’s digits, all I’d ever do is text him about eating various delicious pastas at 1 a.m. My number would be blocked immediately.

But it gets better.

For the next hour, the two comedic icons just riffed. On the Oscars and Seth MacFarlane’s performance as host. On Kevin Hart showing up at the Cellar the other night, and his two sold-out concerts last fall at Madison Square Garden. On Prince, who’s supposed to be in the city this coming weekend. On Jay-Z and President Barack Obama, and the sights and sounds of a $20,000-per-plate Obama fund-raiser last year at Jay-Z’s 40/40 Club. On passing on the chance to open for Jay-Z during his sold-out concert run at Barclays Arena in Brooklyn. “I had no material!” Rock demurred. “Neither do I!” Chappelle countered.

“This could be the show,” Chappelle said. “Fireside chats with Chris Rock.”

“I’m in,” Rock replied. (Via)

Needless to say:

(It was either that, or a Lil Jon “YEAH” GIF, but I don’t want to piss Chappelle off. THIS NEEDS TO HAPPEN.)

(Via Splitsider) (Via The Comic’s Comic)

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