What It Looks Like When Dave Chappelle, Aziz Ansari, And John Mayer Play The Comedy Cellar Together

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10.03.16 4 Comments

At the Cellar last night.

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When it comes to famous(ly small) stand-up comedy hot spots, New York City’s Comedy Cellar tops just about every list of significance. After all, Jon Stewart joined Louis C.K. at the venue before his final Daily Show taping, Tracy Morgan did some of his first post-accident stage work there, and former Chappelle’s Show host Dave Chappelle loves to troll audiences with impromptu celebrity-filled performances. Like the one he and fellow comic Chris Rock pieced together this past Saturday night.

Per Brooklyn Vegan, comedian Von Decarlo and many other unsuspecting audience members flooded social media with images and posts about the event, which began with Chappelle and Rock’s surprise stand-up show. As Van Decarlo explained in the first of many Instagrams, the two were subsequently joined by Master of None star Aziz Ansari for a comedy trio.

What an amazing night at @nyccomedycellar. Dave Chapelle x Chris Rock hit the stage & did dual stand up. Then was joined by Aziz Ansari. Yes, they did stand up x 3. And as if the night could be any more impromptu & amazing, John Mayer hit the stage after running several blocks to get his guitar, accompanied by Cory Henry on piano. From that point, it was an all out jam session of songs mixed with comedy. Also standing in the hallways with me watching this astounding moment were comedians Greer Barnes, Michelle Wolf, Godfrey, & Ardie Fuqua, just to name a few. My favorite part of the evening was creep'n on Cipha Sounds taking a cat nap on the Cellar stairs while this amazing memory was happening. The entire evening was hosted by Wil Sylvince. Last time I saw Chappell make #ComedyCellar history like this was over a decade ago when I was there with Patrice. That was an all nighter as well. As Chapelle said tonight, "Cool shit just happens when I'm around". He's damn sure right about that. Cool shit definitely happens when he's around. I'm happy I was there for another surreal moment. There is NOTHING BETTER THAN LIVING THE COMEDY LIFE. I have to be in the city early af. I think I'm gonna just sleep in my car and rock out my shows in my yesterdiddy clothes… #Blessings #StayInTheLight #IGstories

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Not to be outdone by the Parks and Recreation alum, Chappelle and Rock’s shenanigans were then expanded by musician John Mayer, who “hit the stage after running several blocks to get his guitar.” Along with jazz pianist Cory Henry, the super group mixed comedy and music for a show that ended up lasting several hours. Not that anyone who was lucky enough to be there minded:

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