Dee-1’s “Too Focused To Fail” Road Journal: The Intro

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As New Orleans MC Dee-1 travels the country for his “Too Focused To Fail” tour, we asked him to do a handful of entries detailing his experiences as a young artist growing a reputation and laying the building blocks for his legacy. Today, we present the first entry in Dee’s “Too Focused To Fail” Road Journal.

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Behind every show you see as a fan, there’s usually a bunch of foolishness. Unnecessary egos, dropped balls, ulterior motives, and last minute scrambling. This is the life! I deal with it with laughter, firmness, and patience.

I’ve got to take all of those things on tour with me. Currently, I’m on my second official one. The first was the “Grind & Hustle Tour” with my homies Young Dro, Pac Div and Killer Mike. This time it’s the “Too Focused To Fail” tour and I named it that because that’s how I feel at this point in my career. Anyone around me without this same level of focus will begin to feel more and more like an outcast.

Throughout the constant travel, I want to stay healthy. I often get sick because I don’t sleep much and don’t have the best eating habits. When the budget permits, I will be seeking out a personal chef to keep me on track… or a wife. Whichever comes first lol.

I’ll be rocking stages in Michigan, Georgia, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Massachusetts, Texas, Tennessee and several more states across the country. The two coolest parts are that more dates are being added almost everyday and these are all from incoming inquiries. So the movement is moving. While on the road I’ll be checking in with written and video updates as well as finishing up my new project, The Focus Tape, which drops in April. Oh yeah, and I’ll still be crafting my album, Mission Vision, produced by my big bro Mannie Fresh. Ain’t nothin’ left to it but to get it in. Talk to ya’ll soon…

Dee-1 “The One Man Army”

…and the battle continues

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