Definitive Proof That (Purple) Jesus Is Not Accepting of the Gays

10.26.09 8 years ago 61 Comments

Brad Childress will only rush him once every three plays inside the opponent’s one-yard-line, but Purple Jesus made the most of his opportunity to flatten Steelers cornerback William Gay (says flubby: FROM… LOUISVILLE!) Of course, Peterson’s truckage was wasted a few plays later when Brett Favre and Chester Taylor conspired to put the ball in Keyaron Fox’s chest* and cost Minnesota the game.

*”Really all the refs’ fault” – bitchy Vikings fans

A reader sent this screencap of sudden receiving threat Miles Austin showing off his ghastly shark-like teeth yesterday. Truly disturbing. It’s like he swallowed the Vampire Fleshlight.

I don’t need to tell any regular reader of KSK what’s in store for them after the jump.

Were we enterprising folk, we’d make moutheyes costumes for Halloween. But we’re not. Or at least possibly merciful about inflicting nightmares on others. No, that can’t be it. Lazy it is.

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