Delicious Ice Found on Asteroid, Aliens More Likely to Exist

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If you’re in the Philadelphia area, you’re probably familiar with the delicious soft-serve/Slurpee treat known as water ice.  Well, good news, because now you can enjoy said junk food intergalactically! They’ve found water ice on an asteroid!

OK, OK, we’re being smart-asses.  What the scientists actually found was literally water in its solid state on an asteroid, along with a whole bunch of tasty organic compounds.  These were previously thought only to be available in comet flavor, and this has a lot of implications both here and elsewhere.  You see, we’re not really sure how life on Earth got started in the first place, and this is the first evidence that water and organic compounds didn’t appear because of some religious figure, but because space threw a rock at Earth.

But beyond that, in addition to discovering tasty shrimp surviving in Antarctica and animals who don’t need oxygen to survive, this pretty much puts the final nail in the coffin of the idea that human beings are alone in the universe.  Asteroids are a lot more common than comets, and plow into planets a lot more.  So we now know that there’s life somewhere, we just need to find it.

And if that shrimp is any indication, when we do find it, it’ll be very tasty grilled with a little salt and pepper.

[via Scientific American ]

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